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Fehmarn with dog

A book of Bettina Latt.

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Fehmarn magazine

Fehmarn Magazin
Fehmarn Magazin

Doubtless the magazine for the island Martina Thiel’s Fehmarn Magazin.


loads of informations, design, pictures… 

cost: priceless & free
publication: annually
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50th anniversary of Vogelfluglinie

The 50th anniversary of the Vogelfluglinie, the exhibition, and were realized, "The book of the exhibition" of volunteer action working groups. The book offers much more than a summary of the history of Vogelfluglinie. Parallel to the exhibition, it informs about the planning and construction of kyle and ferry port. It is 112 pages illustrated with vivid photographs, graphics, old newspaper articles and partially unknown photographs from private archives. In another chapter witnesses to speak.

available for 12,90 Euro
at the bookstore Niederlechner and at MAC Verlag

Serial killer Arwed Imiela and his story

Der Blaubart von Fehmarn
Der Blaubart von Fehmarn

The appearance of cruelly dismembered bodies of women shocked the inhabitants on the Baltic island of Fehmarn. Millionaire Arwed Imiela is a passionate hunter and tenants of the hunting ground on which the bones become exposed in 1970. But even more women have disappeared without trace. Has Imiela something to do with it? Arwed Imiela has a dark past. But of this no one knows anything. For many, he is still an opaque man with a mysterious aura. Astrology is his destiny. The Mystical, and Unexplained Dark seems created just for him. Through his work he met many attractive and wealthy women know. He has charm and charisma, is formed and wealthy - and he's a serial killer ... Arwed Erik Imiela is the Bluebeard of Fehmarn! But what women see through his hand the death and he spared any? Click here for the website.


available for 12,90 Euro

at bookstore Niederlechner,  and at  MAC Verlag or

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