is important here and taken seriously. Once a year, every island citizen lends a hand - and collects rubish. who can help will  what ever so lying around .
The event is organized by active volunteer individuals, the Strandpaten and has the name "Stop Littering". Just in time for the season opening are, have washed ashore in the winter nets and plastic packaging etc. , discarded again and the island again mostly plastic-free. Who would like to thank the Strandpaten or participate is welcome to visit the Facebook profile. Our fishermen get the job done on the sea at the joint action "Fishing for Litter" with NABU , the Nature Conservation Association of Schleswig -Holstein.

The Fehmarn Belt Habitats protected area is an obvious water reserve.
On the island are following nature reserves Grüner Brink , Krummsteert and the waterbird reservation Wallnau .

Wallnau is a 300 hectare area on the west coast of the Baltic Sea. It was established in 1975 as a breeding ground for migratory birds and for teir protection. A channel system enables variable water levels in meadows, ditches and ponds to create optimal breeding conditions for all feathered guests.

NABU waterbird reservation Wallnau

The water bird sanctuary welcomes visitors all year round and offers an information center with a nature museum, observation posts and nature trail also guided tours. Here you can learn all about the phenomenon of bird migration. You can see up to 270 different species of birds in their natural habitat throughout the year. From observation Hide Hides called you watch the birds formally in their "living room".

Wallnau is built for disabled people. Exhibition, trail and Hides can also be visited wheelchairs.


NABU Wallnau Website and Facebook Profile.

German politican Claudia Roth visiting

Malte Siegert explained Claudia Roth details on bird migration on the Vogelfluglinie
Malte Siegert explained Claudia Roth details on bird migration on the Vogelfluglinie

NDR - fishing for litter

Wallnau – waterbird’s protected area