Music inspire’s people…

and Islands inspire people, too. So it was in 1970 to the three guys who organized the Love & Peace Festival Fehmarn. Of course it was strictly prohibited, but someone recorded the performance.

Jimi Hendrix at Fehmarn – live experience – love & peace festival

Jimi Hendrix Experience

Jimi Hendrix Experience: Live At The Isle Of Fehmarn
Jimi Hendrix: Live At The Isle Of Fehmarn

Live At The Isle Of Fehmarn
This historically significant album features the last live performance by Jimi Hendrix Experience on 6 September 1970 during the Love & Peace Festival Fehmarn. For 35 years there were only recordings under his hand, to 2005, the management learned of another recording. The organizers were recorded on a Revox tape machine the concert and with the resulting live album, it remains for posterity.

Introduction, Killing Floor, Spanish Magic Castle, All Along The Watchtower, Hey Joe, Hey Baby, Message To Love, Foxey Lady, Red House, Ezy Ryder, Freedom, Room Full Of Mirrors, Purple Haze, Voodoo Child (Slight Return)


 Jimi Hendrix Website containing song snippet’s.

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Surf’n’Style Fehmarn

Surf’n’Style Fehmarn Vol.1
Surf’n’Style Fehmarn Vol.1

containing tracks of artist’s like…
Martin Solveig, Tom Novy, Cosmo Klein, Timati, Dj Antoine, Dirty Money, Federico Scavo, Richard Grey, Federico Scavo, Alex Kenji, P.Diddy, Fragma, Lvc, Rebecca, Fiona, Ortzy Chuckie, Nico Hamuy, Quien Sera, Francesco Diaz, Daniel Ortega, Mike Moorish, R.I.O., U-Jean, Edx, John Williams…
continueing at disk 2:
RobertBabicz, AmineEdge, MarcRomboy, Jr. Rodriguez, Filur, Ante Perry,  Tube & Berger, Rills, Nick Curly, Moonbootica, Spirit Catcher, Atb, Jansoon


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Wolfgang Maahn - Live at Fehmarn DVD

Wolf Maahn
Wolf Maahn

United States CD (Deluxe Edition) inclusive "Live at Fehmarn" DVD


Fehmarn Open Air - Great Feast of the good vibes. Which rock festival you can still find bands with timeless, idiosyncratic music that is not measured by charts positions? Where still, more than 15,000 visitors? Where will you for once kindly treated without having to feel part of a consumer herd that is milked routinely? And where in Germany there is a festival so close to the sea and so magical as located in .... FEHMARN!

Thanks the creators and all visitors of the FOA 2010! This festival must remain, Good luck!


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